Policy & Regulatory

Digital Infrastructure

Besides the technical cross-cross-border interoperability challenge, Citizen level critical path will be a privacy-preserving approach in multi-jurisdiction CBDC models?
Privacy technology choices, & role of digital identity in CBDC that could Balance privacy and Financial crime management in a CBDC world?
In the UK context, what should be the operating model of the retail CBDC? Regulatory approach for the issuer, distributor, and settlement layer?? How the governance of a CBDC ecosystem should be done transparently and collaboratively with potential intermediaries.

How can emerging technologies be adopted at the settlement layer, and how will these disintermediation technologies, such as blockchain and the smart contract, impact cross-border payments and retail banking?

Finality, interoperability, privacy, resiliency, scalability, and security are essential at the settlement layer. What security option should the CBDC design consider while carrying out the basic payment functionalities of issuing, destroying, distributing, transferring, and governing CBDC transactions?