our focus

APPG CBDC Focus and perspective themes topics

Policy Context

Policy context, availability, usability, and accessibility of CBDC.

Monetary and Financial Stability

Impact on monetary, financial stability, and on bank operations.

Digital Infrastructure

Cross-border ( Legal) and cross-currency ( technical) interoperability challenges

CBDC Design

Impact of centralised and hybrid model on households, businesses, and retail...

Cross Currency Interoperability

How central bank & digital currency will be interoperable with each...

Cross border interoperability

What design approach will enable cross border CBDC interoperability

Privacy, Data, & Public Trust

Consumer data processing transparency and protection under the data protection laws

Retail CBDC

Retail CBDC issuance, and public-private partnership

APPG evidence session will cover the critical path

APPG CBDC will collect evidence relating to the governance of the issuer, distributor, settlement layer, consumer protection, safety, efficiency, integrity, security, CBDC custodian, data privacy, and consumer protection